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Dear Professor Smith,

Enclosed are the photocopies you placed on reserve in the College Library during the Fall 2000 quarter. As you know, the UCLA Library accepts photocopies of copyrighted materials for placement on reserve under the assumption that the copies have been made in compliance with the University of California Policy and Guidelines on the Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials for Teaching and Research.

The guidelines note that copying materials for students falls within the Fair Use provisions of the copyright law as long as educators consider the brevity and cumulative effect tests provided for making multiple copies of copyrighted material. Most interpretations of the cumulative effect test suggest that repeated placement on reserve of the same copyrighted material without securing the permission of the copyright owner is not appropriate. We therefore recommend that you obtain permission if you plan to reuse this material in the future.

For further information on the UCLA Library’s Copyright Policy please consult the UCLA Library Copyright Policy Web page.


Jane Doe
Reserves Services