Giving to the Library

UCLA Student Alterraun Verner

Balancing Academics and Athletics with the Library's Help

The synergy between academics and athletics is a point of pride for UCLA, and at the heart of this achievement stands the UCLA Library.

Alterraun Verner, an eighteen-year-old, second-year mathematics/ applied science major and cornerback on the football team, exemplifies this synergy. Alterraun earned a 4.2 GPA in high school while both playing football and running track, so he was well aware of the daunting challenge of balancing rigorous academics with demanding athletics at UCLA.

One major advantage Alterraun brought to campus was his familiarity with libraries. While growing up in Carson, California, he spent countless hours in the local library, so when he arrived at UCLA, he quickly got to know the undergraduate College Library, located in the landmark Powell Library Building.

A longtime partnership between the College Library and the athletics department helped facilitate that introduction. In a seminar on library resources and research strategies conducted by librarian Diane Mizrachi, Alterraun learned useful research skills, which proved to be especially invaluable during football season, when his study time was limited and top efficiency was critical for success in the classroom as well as in the stadium. (Diane and Alterraun are pictured to the left.)

Alterraun completed his first year at UCLA with many honors for both athletic and academic achievements. He was named a first-team Freshman All-American for his accomplishments on the football field, and he was particularly proud of his performance in UCLA’s 2006 victory over USC. In the classroom, his achievements included earning an A in his advanced English class, which brought him great pleasure because his natural strength has always been in math. The athletics department also recognized his academic accomplishments by naming him to the Director’s Honor Roll twice.

Alterraun gratefully acknowledges the role the UCLA Library has played in his collegiate success. He also describes a more amorphous reward, noting that the College Library is a place of peace...every time I go to the library I feel like I am being filled with's like a temple.

UCLA strives to develop well-rounded students like Alterraun who are equipped to succeed in life after college. As UCLA's primary intellectual resource, the Library serves more than thirty-six thousand students and four thousand teaching faculty. Last year nearly nineteen thousand students participated in library instructional programs, and librarians answered more than one hundred and thirty thousand reference questions. But there is still more work to do! Your support is essential to ensure that the Library is able to provide each student and faculty member with the tools he or she needs to achieve academic success.

Please help the Library continue to serve all of UCLA's talented students – like Alterraun Verner and his teammates and classmates – by making a gift to the UCLA Library annual fund today! UCLA students depend on their Library. The UCLA Library depends on you. Thank you in advance for your support.