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Resources in Human Biochemistry and Nutrition: Biochemistry

Note: Materials are located in the Biomedical Library’s reference stacks unless otherwise indicated.

  • Biochemical Nomenclature and Related Documents: A Compendium. 2d ed.
    Call number: QU 15 B615 1992
    Contains current recommendations on biochemical nomenclature. Also includes rules or recommendations issued by nomenclature commissions.


  • Cichoke, Anthony J. The Complete Book of Enzyme Therapy.
    Call number: SRLF - QU 135 C568c 1999
    Includes both basic information about enzymes and information about specific enzyme treatment plans for over 150 conditions. A separate section contains a list of enzyme companies and their products.


  • Concise Encyclopedia Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. English language ed., 3d ed.
    Call number: QU 13 C744 1997
    Covers all areas of biochemistry including metabolism, non-enzymatic protein function, genetic engineering, cloning, and natural products. Entries on proteins list physical properties, purification methods, structure and function as well as information on whether the protein has been studied by recombinant DNA technology. Contains diagrams, tables, and cross-references.


  • CRC Handbook of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. 3d ed.
    Call number: QU 4 H185 1975
    Consists of six volumes divided into proteins (three volumes), nucleic acids (two volumes) and lipids, carbohydrates and steroids (one volume). Includes tables and molecular structures.


  • Dawson, Rex M.C., et al. Data for Biochemical Research. 3d ed.
    Call number: SRLF - QU 25 D232 1986
    Tables of biochemical compounds. Includes melting and boiling points, optical rotations, and solubility. Includes references.


  • Enzyme Nomenclature 1992: Recommendations of the Nomenclature Committee of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology on the Nomenclature and Classification of Enzymes. 
    Call number: QU 135 I64e 1992
    Sixth complete edition of these recommendations. The enzyme list in the present edition contains 3,540 entries. Includes a history of the nomenclature committee and the general principles used to classify and name enzymes.


  • Haeberli, André. Human Protein Data. 2 volumes and disk.
    Call number: *QU 55 H918 1992
    Describes 351 proteins. Includes structure, molecular weight, biological functions, physiology and pathology, half-life, etc. Lists synonyms and abbreviations to assist the reader in locating proteins of interest.


  • Hill, R. A. Dictionary of Steroids.
    Call number: QU 13 D5536 1991 v. 1–2
    An extensive and carefully constructed documentation of all important steroids, including naturally occurring steroids, and those having established usage as drugs or synthetic intermediaries. This two-volume set contains entries listed in alphabetical order with bibliographical references and five indexes including Name, Molecular Formula, CAS Registry Number, Type of Compound, and Species.


  • Maglott, D. R., and Nierman, W. C. ATCC Catalogue of Recombinant DNA Materials: Hosts, Libraries, Vectors, Clones. 3d ed.
    Call number: QU 58 A512a 1993
    The American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) is a private, non-profit resource dedicated to the collection, preservation, and distribution of living microorganisms, viruses, DNA probes, plants, and human and animal cells.


  • Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Rev. ed.
    Call number: SEL Ready Reference QD 415 A25 O94 2000 
    Includes all aspects of biochemistry, molecular biology, and related fields. Some entries have a historical perspective. Entries contain cross-references, with chemical composition and diagrams where appropriate.


  • Purich, Daniel L., and Allison, R. Donald. Handbook of Biochemical Kinetics.
    Call number: SRLF - QU 39 P985h 2000
    Covers terminology of chemical and enzyme kinetics. Supports those studying the logical and systematic investigation of enzyme catalysis and metabolic control.


  • Schomburg, Dietmar, and Ida Schomburg, eds. Springer Handbook of Enzymes. 2d ed.
    Call number: QU 39 S769 2001
    Online access includes volumes 22-38 
    Covers 3,600 different enzymes arranged according to the Enzyme Commission list of enzymes. To be published in approximately 42 volumes. Biomed has volumes 1–31.


  • Stenesh, J. Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. 2d ed.
    Call number: SRLF - QU 13 S825d 1989
    Covers many terms from related and allied sciences such as chemistry, immunology, genetics, virology, biophysics, and microbiology as they relate to biochemistry and molecular biology.


  • White, John S., and White, Dorothy C. Source Book of Enzymes.
    Call number: SRLF - QU 39 W585s 1997
    Designed to inform users of the broad variety of enzymes available from commercial suppliers worldwide. Facilitates the selection process by providing systematic and comparative functional information about each enzyme.


  • Zollner, Helmward. Handbook of Enzyme Inhibitors.
    Call number: QU 39 Z86h 1989
    Lists more than 5,000 inhibitors for about 1,000 enzymes. Organization allows for searching by enzyme name to locate inhibitors for that enzyme and by inhibitors to locate enzyme being inhibited