Technology and Learning Center

Information for First-Time Users

Logging On for the First Time

Type in your UCLA Logon ID for both the username and password; you will be prompted to change your password.

Note that the username for this account is the same as for your UCLA Logon ID, but they are not the same account. If you change your password on one account, it will not affect the other. Also, having a UCLA Logon ID and BruinOnline email account do not mean you have an account in the Technology and Learning Center; eligible students must submit an application to receive a center account.

Because you are provided with personal file storage, you must log off when you are done using the computer by clicking Start > Log Off. Please do not shut down the computer.

File Storage

Save all files to your "My Documents" folder. These documents will follow you around, regardless of which computer you use. You must back up your files on a personal USB key or by emailing them to yourself. File storage is provided as a convenience and the center bears no responsibility for lost files. Do not store excessively large and non-academic files on your center account, such as videos and music.


See the current Computer Software and Hardware page.


You will be prompted to enter a username, job name, and password when you print from a center computer. To retrieve your job, swipe your BruinCard at either print station, select your job, and enter your password. Eleven cents per page will be deducted from your card.

No Food or Drink

The lab is kept as clean as possible for the benefit of users and of equipment. Other than closed drink containers, do not eat or drink anything at the center's stations.  Your assistance and compliance are appreciated.

Lab Assistants

Lab assistants at the help desk can help with:

  • Printing
  • Scanning
  • Unlocking side rooms
  • Forgotten passwords
  • General lab questions

Computer Locations

Main Floor: Sixty-seven workstations, fifty-three of which are divided into five "bays"

Side Rooms: For small group study and VHS viewing; room 1 contains scanners and extra graphics and multimedia software. These rooms are normally locked but can be opened by a lab assistant.

Classroom:  Thirteen workstations and one instructor station, used primarily for small classes and only opened for general use as an overflow area during large events on the main floor

Graduate Reading Room: On the third floor, nineteen workstations reserved for medical students and four reserved for nursing students


Your Internet Explorer homepage in the center is set to this web page. Upcoming events are displayed on the main page a few days in advance. Please pay attention to alerts on this page and any signs posted in the lab.


Please see a lab assistant or the lab manager in the center's office, or send an email using the comments form.