Exhibits and Events

College Exhibit Policy

Exhibits Committee

  • Plan and coordinate events and exhibits in the Powell Building.
  • Review proposals and respond.
  • Schedule and coordinate events and exhibits.
  • Assist in publicizing events and exhibits in campus publications and web sites.
  • Identify topics and individuals to plan and install exhibits.
  • Assist the exhibitors in planning, preparing and installing exhibits.

Current committee members: Cathy Brown, Chair Alicia Reiley

Exhibits at the College Library in the Powell Building Rotunda focus on:

  • the UCLA campus, community or faculty activities
  • library collections or services
  • cultural events
  • current events
  • student activities and interests

The purpose of any exhibit is:

  • to communicate ideas
  • to highlight historical and current local events
  • to create student and faculty awareness of library materials, services and activities
  • and to stimulate use of Library collections and facilities

The College Library and Exhibits Committee reviews exhibit proposals and determines whether the exhibit is appropriate in content, presentation, style and potential audience.