Exhibits and Events

Event Guidelines

Propose an Event or Exhibit

The College Library encourages UCLA students to propose events and exhibits. Please read relevant policies linked from the left-hand column before submitting a proposal.

Please contact Catherine Brown as soon as possible to discuss ideas and move forward with a proposal.

College Library cannot accommodate last minute requests or those that do not meet the Powell Building Use Policy. Event planners should assume that a period of review may be required.

College Library does not provide events consulting, tour guides, catering, custodial/security services, parking, publicity, or any other support, and reserves the right to review arrangements made for these by the event sponsor.

Event sponsor responsibilities:



  • Scheduling and oversight of setup must be performed by event sponsor.


  • Cleanup is scheduled by College Library, to be billed to event sponsor. Current custodial services are $25 per hour, per custodial staff. Current grounds services are $27 per hour, per staff.


  • Catering arrangements must be made by event sponsor, in accordance with building use guidelines of College Library Administration.


  • Arrangements must be made with UCLA Campus Police to provide appropriate level of security for the College Library during the event. Sponsors are required to hire a Community Service Officer or Officers for events held after library hours. CSOs are required to be present one half hour before the start time, during the event and after to secure the building. Call 310.825.9800 to arrange for the Community Service Officer/s. Current charges are $11 per hour, per CSO.


  • Staffing for events to be provided by sponsor.


  • Publicity for events to be provided by sponsor.


  • Parking arrangements to be made by sponsor.

Expenses and Fees

  • Any expenses relating to event, catering, cleanup, security, damage, to be borne by event sponsor.