Resources for Faculty

Resources for Faculty

Meeting Student Research Needs

Research skills are an essential part of the academic landscape. College Library provides many services to faculty, lectures, teaching assistants, and graduate assistants.

Information literacy is a key strategic goal of the UCLA Library. Its Information Literacy Program seeks to foster a culture of information competence among students and to partner with faculty to fulfill this goal. From a ten-minute drop-in session to a fifty-minute course on research skills and the library’s holdings, sessions are custom designed to meet course need. Please use the links at the left to learn about these services.

Librarians can:

  • Teach a class session as a guest speaker
  • Develop and teach a one-unit information literacy course as an adjunct to a course
  • Work with faculty to enhance a syllabus by creating or adapting research assignments and exercises designed to support course goals and curriculum
  • Answer informational and research questions on a class discussion board
  • Make half-hour one-on-one research appointments with students
  • Develop an information resources Web page for a class