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Which is Which? What is Where?


Complete all parts of this exercise.
This is an exercise to practice:

  • Interpreting citations correctly
  • Distinguishing among a variety of citations, regardless of the citation style
  • Evaluating citations based on three criteria: recency, scope, and scholarly vs. popular publication
  • Using a UC or UCLA library catalog to find locations and call numbers for all citations


Below is a link to 6 citations from various types of sources, in various citation styles.
In the blank next to each citation, indicate whether it is:

  • B = Book
  • C = Chapter or essay in a book
  • P = Periodical (magazine or journal article)

(Exercise Bibliography PDF)

(How to read a citation)


Find locations and call numbers to all 3 citations using either catalog and list them on your sheet.

Answer these questions by listing the number of the appropriate citation:

  • Which citation is most current?
  • Which is a scholarly journal article?
  • Which is a scholarly book?
  • Choose either the electronic submission form or the printable form. If you choose the electronic submission form, you will make choices on the form itself and supply your grader's e-mail address to have your answers sent to them. This option requires a browser with JavaScript support and cookies enabled. If you choose the printable form, you can print out the form and fill in the answers by hand, or you may type your answers directly into the form and then print it.