Electronic Resources

Following are electronic resources that the East Asian Library has licensed, purchased, or received in exchange. Unless otherwise noted, they are accessible to users on the campus network or accessing the network from off-campus via the proxy server.

Periodicals & Statistical Data

China Academic Journals / CNKI 
Beijing: Tsinghua Tongfang Knowledge Network Technology Co., Ltd
China Academic Journals and Century Journal Project of CNKI provides full text and full images ofChinese-language journals in economics, education, history, law, literature, philosophy, politics,and social science from 1994 to present; updated daily. Chinese input software required to search.

China Data Online
Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan China Data Center
Database of census and statistical data in both Chinese and English.

China Population Census Data
Beijing: Tsinghua Tongfang Knowledge Network Technology Co., Ltd
2010 Sixth Population Census of China.  Some data from previous census are also available to UCLA users.

Dacheng Data
Beijing: SuperStar, Ltd.
Dacheng Data collects journal articles from the late Qing period, as the starting time of Chinese journals, down to 1949.  The database includes over 180 million articles from 13 million issues of over 7,000 journals published in China during the period.  It provides comprehensive and unique research resources to humanities, social sciences and other academic fields.

DragonSource Periodicals
Beijing: Dragonsource.com Inc.
A searchable database of 1,000 electronic journals/magazines in the original printed looking, with full color images and searchable function. Its full-color images provide significant added value especially for the titles in archeology, art and films. Meanwhile, the database always make the newest issue available to the users, almost at the same time as the most current printed issue coming to market.

Index for articles in more than 150 periodicals published in Hong Kong since 1990, with some titles as early as the 1950s, in current events, economics, politics, and the social sciences.

NICNP: National Index to Chinese Newspapers and Periodicals
Online index to newspapers and periodicals published in China, covering sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Full-text articles are available through document delivery.

People's Daily (1946- )
The most influential and authoritative newspaper in China, created in May 1946, containing government policy information and resolutions as well as major domestic and international news.

Shen Bao, 1872-1949
申報, 1872-1949
Shen Bao was the most important Chinese newspaper in late Qing and Republican China, comprehensively covering all the aspects in politics, economy, culture, society, literature and academic studies during the period. With the full-text searchable function, the database comes with added value to the scholars in the fields of modern Chinese history, modern Chinese literature and culture, as well as sociology, anthropology and geographic/demographic studies.

TEPS: Taiwan Electronic Periodical Services
TEPS, provided via NetLibrary of OCLC, is the largest online database for periodical articles published in Taiwan. The database has access to over 450 Taiwanese periodicals in multiple disciplines, and it keeps growing and expanding.

Database of the United Daily News Group, the largest news group in Taiwan, covering seven Chinese newspapers in Taiwan, Europe, and North America: Lian He Bao 聯合報, Jing Ji Ri Bao >經濟日報, Min Sheng Bao 民生報, Lian He Wan Bao 聯合晚報, Xing Bao 星報 in Taiwan; Ouzhou Ri Bao 歐洲日報 in Europe; and Meizhou Shi Jie Ri Bao 美洲世界日報 in North America.  Contains full-text articles and searchable images. 

Wanfang Data
Beijing: Wanfang Data Institute of Scientific and Technological Information
Note: use Internet Explorer when accessing this resource.
An affiliate of Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and the leading information provider in China since the 1950s; includes five databases: China Academic Conference Proceedings, China Online Journals, Chinese Companies and Products, Dissertations of China, and Policies and Laws of China. 

Taipei: Wisers Information, Ltd.
Provides access to hundreds of newspapers published in Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China, and some other parts of the world.


CHANT (Chinese Ancient Texts) Database
香港中文大學古文獻資料庫 (華夏文庫)
Hong Kong: Chinese University of Hong Kong
Full-text database focusing on pre-600 CE traditional and excavated texts; Chinese input software required to search.

Encyclopedia of Taiwan
Three hundred and nine titles in 595 volumes of classics related to Taiwanese studies.

Gujin Tushu Jicheng
Compiled in the Kangxi years of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and covering a wide range of subjects, including many rare classic titles that are otherwise unavailable; online version can be much easier to search than the printed version.

Scripta Sinica: Chinese Text Retrieval System
Taipei: Academia Sinica
Note: Please choose "Authorized Use" (授權使用); may require the use of VPN rather than the proxy server.
Full-text database for hundreds of works in classics; history, including the history of Taiwan; law; literature; medicine; and religion. Major titles include Er shi wu shi 二十五史 [Twenty-five dynastic histories], Shi san jing 十三經 [Thirteen classics], Taisho Tripitaka 大正新脩大藏經, Tai ping yu lan 太平御覽, Wen xian tong kao 文獻通考; Chinese input software required to search.

Si bu cong kan dian zi ban [Electronic Sibu Congkan]
The electronic Sibu Congkan is a fully searchable collection of the authoritative editions of the 504 original and historical monographs (3,134 volumes) published by the Commercial Press in 1919-1936. Holdings span Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties including early manuscripts and rare prints (antiquarian, out-of-print books). Original collection used photolithography, which resulted in better editions than any then-available typeset editions.

TBRC: Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center
TBRC holds the largest and most complete collection of Tibetan texts in the world. Its offices are currently housed at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City, and the scanning of its texts is ongoing at several sites worldwide.
Note: Please use one of the following browsers, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Internet Explorer is not workable on this site.

Wen yuan ge Si ku quan shu dian zi ban [Electronic Siku Quanshu]
Hong Kong: Digital Heritage Publishing Limited.
Full text for the entire set of Siku Quanshu; results can be viewed as text or images.

Books & Images

Apabi Digital Resources
Beijing: Founder Electronics Corp, Ltd. 
The database includes three resources: (1) About 5,000 titles of e-books; (2) Major statistical yearbooks about national economic and social statistics; and (3) More than 500 titles of reference. All the resources are full-text searchable.  Approximately forty-eight hundred titles, mainly in Chinese literature.
Note: For reading e-books off-line, users must download and install a reader, available at http://uc.lib.apabi.com/reader/gb/apabireader.exe; no reader required if read online

Chinamaxx Digital Library of Chinese E-books
Beijing: SuperStar, Ltd. 
Chinamaxx Digital Library, powered by Superstar, is one of the largest digital libraries for Chinese electronic books. Superstar provides two methods to find out the books. You can input the title of the book, the author, ISBN, and so directly in the search bar.  Or, you may browse the subject categories for books related your research or interest of reading.

Du Xiu
Beijing: SuperStar, Ltd. 
A powerful database for searching Chinese publications published in mainland China.

NPM: National Palace Museum Digital Archive of Chinese Treasures
NPM is an essential resource for the studies of Chinese art and art history.  Since the previous vendor Airiti Inc. of Taiwan is no longer presenting the database, this is the temporary access to the NPM resource until a new access is arranged.

Post-1949 Chinese Local Gazetteers
Beijing: Wanfang Data Institute of Scientific and Technological Information.
Post-1949 Chinese Local Gazetteers is one of our strength in collection for many years. The subscription to this full-text searchable database is further strengthening this specialized collection, and filling some gaps in our printed collection.