Korean Electronic Resources

This list is limited to electronic databases subscribed to the UCLA.  UCLA faculty, students and staff with valid UCLA Logon IDs can access restricted resources from home using UCLA's Bruin Online proxy or VPN (Virtual Private Network) servers.

e-Korean Studies is a cross-database search interface of the following 11 major Korean electronic databases. Each of the databases can also be accessed and searched separately.

  • Korean Info. Service System (KISS) (한국학술정보)
    Multidisciplinary full-text database of scholarly journal articles published from approximately 1300 research institutions.
  • DBPIA (누리미디어)
    Multidisciplinary full-text database of Korean scholarly journal articles published by major Korean research institutions.
  • KRPia (한국의 지식콘텐츠)
    Full-text databases of primary sources in Korean Studies including Koryosa, Samguk sagi, Samguk yusa, Chungbo munhon pigo, and many other titles.
  • Korea AtoZ - DB Media Contents Library (한국학의 관문)
    Full-text of primary sources and classics in Korean studies.
  • KSI ebook
    Selected full-text electronic books by the publisher, Hanguk Haksul Chongbo.
  • Digital Culture Art Course (디지털문화예술강좌)
    Video lectures on Korean traditional and contemporary art and culture topics by scholars and specialists.
  • Kdatabase (한국학전자도서관)
    Full-text scholarly resources on Korean modern and contemporary history.
  • KPjournal (북한학술지 통합데이터베이스)
    Full-text of 18 North Korean science and technology journal articles.
  • Korean History & Culture Research Database (한국역사문화 조사자료 데이터베이스)
    Full-text of excavation reports, research reports about geography, history, ethnic customs and architecture.
  • History and Culture Database (진인진 역사문화시리즈)
    Includes academic articles on history, anthropology, folklore, religion and art history.
  • LawnB (로앤비)
    Legal resources including Korean laws, decisions, attorney, law firms, articles, e-books and many other law-related information.

EncyKorea (한국민족문화대백과사전)
Online version of Han'guk minjok munhwa tae sajon, the most frequently used encyclopedia on Korean Studies.

Choson Daily Newspaper Archive (조선일보 아카이브) - Note: working via VPN only at this moment
Searchable databases of Choson Daily Newspaper PDF archives from its first issue in 1920 to the present. It includes more than 2,600,000 articles and is searchable by journalist or content type.

RISS International (학술연구정보서비스)
English language interface of RISS 학술연구정보서비스 offers an access to over 900,000 full-text journal articles from Korean research institutes, full-text of 380,000 masters and doctors theses from 140 Korean universities and bibliographic records of over 7 million materials in 500 Korean libraries.

Kyongsong Ilbo (Keijo Nippo 경성일보)

Kyongsong Sinbo (경성신보 京城新報)
Japanese-language newspapers, published in Korea during the period of Japanese colonization. The articles are provided in PDF format and are not searchable.

Choson haengjong (조선행정 朝鮮行政)
Japanese-language periodical published by the Japanese colonial government in Korea from 1937-1944.

Hanguk kundae chapchison (한국근대잡지)
Collection of magazines published in the early part of the 20th century.

Ilche ha sahoe undongsa charyojip (일제하사회운동사자료집)
Japanese-language government documents related to Korean’s social and resistance movements during the colonial period.

Han-Il Hoedam chonggukwon kwallyon munso (한일회담청구권관련문서)
Collection of documents related to negotiations for the compensations during the Korea-Japan normalization talks from 1952-1966.

Ilche ha chonsi chejegi chongchaek saryo chongso (일제하전시체제기정책사료총서)
Japanese language historical documents on Japanese colonial rules and policies that applied in Korea during the latter part of the colonial period (1937-1945).

E-articles (학술교육원) 시범서비스

Korean Social Science Data Archive (KOSSDA=한국사회과학자료원) 시범서비스