Managing the Collections

Collections Budget Strategies

The following strategies seek to sustain UCLA Library research and teaching collections at a time when we are facing the double impact of inflationary increases and budget reductions. They will serve as targets or goals, which the individual libraries have agreed to in principle, and are not mandated policies. Library subject specialists may be flexible in meeting these goals given the needs of the disciplines and constituencies that they serve. The Library will continue to take advantage of UC-systemwide initiatives that enable us to develop and manage collections collaboratively and in cost-beneficial ways while providing optimum levels of service and user access.

  • Aggressively pursue the development of a UC shared-print archive for all materials that have an electronic equivalent.
  • Eliminate duplication of format.
  • Eliminate duplicate subscriptions to print journals.
  • Eliminate duplicate purchase of monograph titles except for reserves.
  • Purchase replacement copies selectively for high-use materials.
  • Do a zero-based allocation budget, focusing on demonstrable need.
  • Eliminate purchase of or subscriptions to recreational, leisure, or personal-use materials, especially where it is expected that users can rely on the Internet for that material. Resources should be used to support the teaching and research programs.
  • Purchase materials that meet current programmatic needs in all units: reference, special collections, and stack collections. Evaluate all collecting areas for current relevance.
  • Maximize use of non-state funds for collections.