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Audiovisual Preservation

The preservation program works to preserve and provide access to moving images and recorded sounds held in library collections. Activities include in-house services to conserve, preserve, restore, and share primary resources created or saved in obsolete media formats and coordination with vendors and contractors to handle large or complex projects.


Currently all analog-to-digital AV reformatting is outsourced, as are the baking of magnetic tape, film-to-film preservation, and other large projects that need a large amount of conservation repair and treatment.

  • Reformatting: Outsourcing large projects requiring one-off reformatting; involves inspection, preparation, delivery to vendor, and quality control
  • Processing and rehousing: Preparing condition reports, rehousing, verifying content of all film formats and VHS and audio compact cassettes that are in playable condition
  • Conservation repair and treatments: Cleaning of film, recorded disc, VHS, and Umatic tape; splicing repair of film, video cassettes, quarter-inch reel-to-reel audiotape and audio cassettes; re-shelling VHS and audio compact cassettes
  • Quality Control: Ensuring that audio and video digital files requested have been created and meet specified standards and playback through spot checks of files and file states; verifying MD5 checksums for each file; confirming that requested metadata has been created and supplied by vendor; inspecting physical condition of newly created film preservation elements
  • Digital Preservation, Sustainability, and Maintenance: Collaborating with other Library departments to finalize standards and to ensure necessary amount of digital storage space and multiple backups in geographic locations, stored with accompanying metadata and verified MD5 checksums
  • Development: Working with the UCLA Library's Development office and other departments and staff to obtain funding for activities and services

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Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

Each quarter there are a few opportunities for students to volunteer or obtain course credit under the supervision of the AV preservation specialist.

For further information, contact:
Siobhan Hagan
Audiovisual Preservation Specialist
11020 Kinross Avenue, Room 186

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