Charles E. Young Research Library

Noise, Cell/Smart Phone, and Food and Drink Policies for the Charles E. Young Research Library

The UCLA Library expects all users to respect the research, teaching, and learning needs of their fellow users and to treat the physical spaces, equipment, and furnishings with care. The specific policies listed below apply to users of the Charles E. Young Research Library in particular.

Cell/Smart Phone Usage

Quiet use of cell phones is allowed throughout most of the Research Library; this includes texting, emailing, Web browsing, and scanning QR codes. Phones should be set on silent or quiet mode. These activities may be prohibited in more tightly controlled spaces, such as the Department of Special Collections.

Voice calling is not permitted in the general public areas because it presents a potential disruption to other users. However, voice calling is permitted in the group study rooms, because groups may need to call members who are working remotely and the closed door minimizes the possibility of the noise disturbing others.

Food and Drink

Covered drinks and food from the coffee bar are allowed in the general public areas of the Research Library, including the reading room. However, designated areas with special usage concerns, such as the Department of Special Collections, do not allow any food or drink.

Light food and drinks brought in from the outside are permitted within reason; these may include snacks, fruit, or items in small containers. However, users will not be allowed to accept food deliveries, such as pizza or fast food, or consume them in the building.

Noise Levels

Designated “zones of activity” indicate how much noise is to be expected and allowed in each area of the Research Library. In collaborative zones, moderate noise is expected/allowed, and in contemplative zones, light noise is expected/allowed. Please plan your library use accordingly.

  • Research commons, including group study rooms and classroom: collaborative zones
  • Coffee bar, corridors, lounges, and exhibit areas: collaborative zones
  • Reading room (closer to the entrance): collaborative zone
  • Reading room (further from the entrance): contemplative zone
  • A-level garden study commons, maps, and journals area: collaborative zones
  • Department of Special Collections: contemplative zone
  • Second through fifth floors: contemplative zones

Disruptive, rude, aggressive, threatening, or harassing behaviors are prohibited in all areas, regardless of zone designation.