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UCLA History (1882 -  )

Publications and Web Sites

Ackerman, William C. My Fifty Year Love-in at UCLA. Los Angeles: Fashion Press, 1969.  History of the Associated Students of UCLA; includes photographs and useful appendices.

Dickson, Edward A. University of California at Los Angeles: Its Origin and Formative Years. Los Angeles: Friends of the UCLA Library, 1955.  Dickson was a founder of UCLA; includes photographs and facsimiles; see also Moore.

Garrigues, George Louis. Loud Bark and Curious Eyes: A History of the UCLA Daily Bruin, 1919-55. Los Angeles: University of California, Los Angeles, 1970.  Reliable but dated.

Hamilton, Andrew and John B. Jackson. UCLA on the Move during the Fifty Golden Years, 1919-69. Los Angeles: Ward Ritchie Press, 1969.   A basic source; lists team captains (1919-69), homecoming queens (1934-68), student editors (1919-69), ASUCLA Senior Class honor recipients (1924-68); includes maps and photographs; indexed (some inaccuracies).

Martin, James R. The University of California (in Los Angeles): A Resume of the Selection and Acquisition of the Westwood Site. Los Angeles, 1925.  A detailed description; appendices include reports, minutes of meetings, and a foldout reproduction of George W. Kelham's 1926(?) architectural plan for the Westwood campus.

Moore, Ernest Carroll. I Helped Make a University. Los Angeles: Dawson's Bookshop, 1952.  Moore was a founder of UCLA; see also Dickson.

Nystrom, Richard Kent. UCLA: An Interpretation Considering Architecture and Site. UCLA dissertation, 1968.  Excellent source for UCLA architectural history; includes lists up to 1965 of land acquired, building and street commemorations, and buildings.

Pickerell, Albert G. The University of California: A Pictorial History. Berkeley, California: University of California Press, 1968.  Photographic companion to Stadtman.

Stadtman, Verne, editor. Centennial Record of the University of California. Berkeley, California: University of California, Berkeley, 1967.  The official history of the University of California system, as of 1967; an excellent and complete source of information; excellent index; see also Pickerell.

State Normal School, Los Angeles. The Los Angeles State Normal School: A Quarter Centennial History, 1882-1907. Los Angeles(?), 1908.   Official history of the first twenty-five years of the Los Angeles State Normal School, predecessor to UCLA; includes photographs and appendices.

UCLA History Project


University of California (System). Digital History Archives

University of California (System). Joint Planning Committee. University of California, A Multi-Campus System in the 1980s... Berkeley, California: University of California, 1979

University of California, Los Angeles. Addresses Delivered at the Dedication of the New Campus and Buildings of the University of California at Los Angeles, March 27 and 28, 1930. Berkeley, California: University of California Press, 1930

University of California, Los Angeles Alumni Association. California of the Southland: A History of the University of California at Los Angeles. Los Angeles: Alumni Association, 1937.  The official history, as of 1936; includes photographs and major sports captains, 1919-37; text mentions additional archival sources; indexed.

University of California, Los Angeles Oral History Program, Department of Special Collections. The UCLA Oral History Program: Catalog of the Collection. Los Angeles:  University of California, 1999. Third edition; Teresa Barnett, compiler.  An excellent source for biographical and event-related information on the history of UCLA; indexed.

Archival Sources

Associated Students of UCLA. Associated Students of UCLA: A Purpose of Its Own. Pautler, Anne, editor. Undated.  Basic overview of UCLA student history; includes photographs.

Departmental and divisional histories.  Official and unofficial histories of UCLA academic departments, academic programs, and other campus units. Bibliography available.

Archival Reference Collection Files (1881- )

  • Biographical Files, Record Series 745. (UCLA faculty, administration, and staff)
  • Photograph Files, Record Series 100. (UCLA buildings, events, and organizations)
  • Subject Files, Record Series 746. (UCLA buildings, events, and organizations)

University of California (System). All-University Faculty Conference Proceedings. 1944-1961. Indexed

University of California, Los Angeles.  Academic Senate. Agendas and Minutes, 1933- . 

University of California, Los Angeles. Alumni Association. Occasional Paper Series. Numbers 1-10 (April 1971-February 1976).  Informative series containing histories on selected topics of interest to alumni; edited by James Mink, former UCLA archivist.

University of California, Los Angeles. Alumni Association. UCLA Traditions:  A Collection of UCLA Stories, Customs, and Rituals. Los Angeles: Alumni Association, 1991.  Short descriptions of student traditions; provides leads to original sources; includes photographs.