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Reading Room Reference Files

  • Biographical files include Kenneth MacGowan and Evalyn Thomas.
  • Photograph files include Student Activities - Greek Theatre, Theater Group, Theater Arts Department, and Theatrical Productions.
  • Subject files include School of Arts; College of Fine Arts; Department of Theatre; and School of Theater, Film, and Television.


Primary Source Materials

  • Center Theatre Group (Los Angeles, Calif.). Publicity Records. 1959-67. Series No. 253
  • Center Theatre Group (Los Angeles, Calif.). Production Records. 1959-66. Series No. 21
  • Library. Theater Arts. Publications. 1970-74. Series No. 262
  • Los Angeles Campus Theatre Board. Administrative Files of Jack Morrison. 1941-62. Series No. 26
  • Theater Arts Department. Greek Plays Presented to Evelyn Ann Thomas. 1924-1938. Series #633
  • Theater Arts Department. Correspondence and Publications of William W. Melnitz. 1949-60. Series No. 631
  • Theater Arts Department. Publications. Series No. 124
  • Theater Arts Department. Minutes of Meetings. 1946-50. Series No. 16
  • Theater Arts Department. Correspondence Files of Kenneth Macgowan. 1949-55. Series No. 15