An Easily Deployable Wireless Imaging System

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This project was developed with image data from a three-month survey at the James San Jacinto Mountains Reserve. The data were collected using a "wireless, image-based environmental monitoring system" placed in bird "nest boxes" throughout the reserve. This system was tested over the course of this project as an alternative option to similar, less mobile hardwired systems. Specifically, the system used a 19 node system of low-power Cyclops cameras and the "Tenet general purpose sensing-system" in capturing these data. This method of data collection proved valuable to biologists, who said the "on-line, near real-time access" to these image data was helpful in studying the nesting habits of birds. All information in this record is from the "An Easily Deployable Wireless Imaging System" report publication.

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Paek, Jeongyeup
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Mathieu, Camille
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UCLA CENS, Department of Computer Science; USC Department of Computer Science
Date of Collection : 
Friday, May 9, 2008 to Saturday, August 9, 2008
Data Collection Methods: 
Employed a 19-node network deployed over an area of 0.05 square miles. Each sensor node contained a nest box, power infrastructure, and the embedded hardware necessary for imaging, environmental sensing, and communication. The wooden nest boxes contained a removable shelf which held the Mica2 mote for communication, a Cyclops camera for imaging, and a MDA300 board for environmental sensing.
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Cyclops cameras, Tenet general-purpose sensing system, nest boxes, Mica2s with 433 MHz radios as wireless communication hardware, MDA300 sensor boards
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Sensor Networks
Habitat Monitoring
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Monday, May 5, 2014