Ethics in Personal Mobile & Participatory Sensing

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This project draws on the "Ethnographic data on ethics in participatory sensing design" datasets, which were collected to observe how social values (including anti-surveillance values) are incorporated into design at CENS. This project conceptualizes a participatory approach to managing privacy in personal mobile sensing applications, investigates design changes to encourage ethics in urban sensing, ubiquitous computing, and broader technology education communities, and created curricula to teach participatory ethics to diverse STEM undergraduate and graduate students. The above information is from CENS annual report PART 19.

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Burke, Jeffrey
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Shilton, Katie
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Mathieu, Camille
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UCLA CENS, Department of Information Studies, UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008 to Thursday, December 30, 2010
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These data were collected through interviews and observations.
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Social values
Design practices
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Wednesday, March 5, 2014