The Voxelation Map of Gene Expression in a Coronal Section of the Mouse Brain

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Gene expression signatures in the mammalian brain hold the key to understanding neural development and neurological diseases. We have reconstructed two-dimensional images of gene expression for 20,000 genes in a coronal slice of the mouse brain at the level of the striatum by using microarrays in combination with voxelation at a resolution of 1 mm3. Good reliability of the microarray results were confirmed using multiple replicates, subsequent quantitative RT-PCR voxelation, mass spectrometry voxelation, and publicly available in situ hybridization data. Known and novel genes were identified with expression patterns localized to defined substructures within the brain. In addition, genes with unexpected patterns were identified, and cluster analysis identified a set of genes with a gradient of dorsal/ventral expression not restricted to known anatomical boundaries. The genome-scale maps of gene expression obtained using voxelation will be a valuable tool for the neuroscience community.

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Smith, Desmond
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Smith, Desmond
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Ensberg, Vessela; Shafer, Sharon
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Molecular and Medical Pharmacol
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Sunday, January 13, 2013
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microarrays, voxelation, mass spectroscopy, RT-PCR
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microarray, mass spec, thermocycler
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coronal slices of the mouse brain, microarrays, mass spectra, RT-PCR, images, digital files
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2-dimensional images of gene expression for 20 847 genes
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013