Interlibrary Loan

How Long Items Can Be Kept

If the item is a photocopy, users can keep it permanently in most cases. For loans of books or other items, the lending library sets the length of time and any special conditions of the loan, such as library use only or non-renewable.

To request a renewal, contact the interlibrary loan office where the item was picked up or use the renewal feature on the Request Status screen. In most cases, up to two renewals of two weeks each are permitted by lenders.  For further information on using the features of the Request Status screen, dowload the Using My ILL Requests Adobe PDF document.

Borrower Responsibilities

Users' respect of materials from lending libraries and adherence to any restrictions placed on them is crucial to maintaining the UCLA Library's borrowing privileges with other libraries.

Users are financially responsible for any damage to or loss of interlibrary loan items. Any damage should be reported immediately to the interlibrary loan office where the item was picked up; users should not attempt to repair it themselves.