Library Prize for Undergraduate Research

2014 Prize Winners

Winning projects and reflective essays will be posted on eScholarship, the UC's open-access digital publishing platform, within the next few weeks.

Minor Project (Humanities)

Christine Qin
“Priestess and Power: The Potency and Privilege 
of Prostitution”
Faculty sponsor: Kara Cooney and Teaching Assis tant Jody Washburn
Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

Minor Project (Social Sciences)

Amy Cromartie
“Long Spouted Vessels of the Third and Second Millennium BCE: Contextualizing an Enigmatic Vessel”
Faculty sponsor: Min Li
Department of Anthropology

Minor Project (Sciences)

Holly Fuong, Kathryn N. Keeley, and Yasemin Bulut
“Hetero-specific Alarm Call Eavesdropping in Non-vocal, Whitebellied Copper-striped Skinks (Emoia cyanura)”
Faculty sponsor: Daniel Blumstein
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Major Project (Humanities)

Charlotte Rose
“John Ruskin’s Fors Clavigera: The Hero as Educator”
Faculty sponsor: Joseph Bristow
Department of English

Major Project (Social Sciences)

Mariko Green
“With Liberty and Justice for All: The Costs and Benefits of DNA Databases”
Faculty sponsor: Jeffrey Miller
Honors Collegium

Clark Library Prize

Samantha Lusher
“cyber!Gothic: The Gothic Future from Frankenstein to Text-based Online Gaming”
Faculty sponsor: Alice Boone
Department of English

Best Music Project

Jessica Lee
Stephanie Sybert: “Taiko in Brazil: Japanese Cultural Diaspora and Hybridization through Percussion”
Faculty sponsor: Visiting Professor Charlotte D’Evelyn
of Ethnomusicology

Best Foreign Language Project

Sasha Richman
“Le Dernier Tango à Paris: une sensation multiforme”
Faculty sponsor: Laure Murat
Department of French and Francophone Studies

Judges' Prize for Overall Excellence

Hilo Sugita
“Two Middle Kingdom Coffins from the Natural 
History Museum of Los Angeles County”
Faculty: Kara Cooney
Department of Near Eastern Languages 
and Cultures

2013 Prize Winners

Short Paper (Humanities)

Elizabeth Pieslor
“A Study of Oscar Wilde’s Published and Unpublished Epigrams and Aphorisms”
Reflective Essay
The Wilde Archive (Eng 184.4)
Faculty Sponsor: Joseph Bristow 

Short Paper (Social Sciences)

Michael Owyong
“The Gender Regime of Sports: A Reproduction of Inequality”
Reflective Essay
Sociology 89: Introductory Sociology Honors
Faculty Sponsor: William Roy

Short Paper (Sciences)

Alice Wang
“Sacrifice and the State: Bioarchaeology of Shang Dynasty Human Sacrifice Victims”
Reflective Essay
Chinese 291: The Archaeological Process in China
Faculty Sponsor: Li Min 

Long Paper (Humanities)

Deborah Price
“Poetry, Tales, and Literary Subjectivity in The Kagero Diary”
Reflective Essay
Asian 198: Asian Languages and Cultures; contract course 
Faculty Sponsor: Torquil Duthie

Long Paper (Social Sciences)

Laura Mitchell
“Cultural Diplomacy in the Press: Public Perceptions of Avant-Garde Art and the Franco Regime, 1953-1975”
Reflective Essay
History 198A-C: Honors Research
Faculty Sponsor: Lynn Hunt

Clark Library Prize

Andra Lim
“The Isis, the Spirit Lamp, and Male Sexuality: Oscar Wilde and Student Journalism at the University of Oxford 1892-1893”
Reflective Essay
English 184: The Wilde Archive
Faculty Sponsor: Joseph Bristow

Best First Year Paper

Jessica Lee
“The Ins and Outs of Marks Saga”
Reflective Essay
GE Cluster 30CW: Neverending Stories: Multidisciplinary Perspective on Myth -- Seminar 9: Mythical-Heroic Legendary Sagas and Folktales
Faculty Sponsor: Chip Robinson

Most Adventurous Research Journey

Angela Sanchez
“Conjuring the Modern Woman: Women and their Representation in Magic’s Golden Age”
Reflective Essay
Honors Research, Senior Thesis – History 198A, 198B, 198C 
Faculty Sponsor: Eric Avila


2012 Prize Winners

Best in the Lower Division

Hannah Spero
"Typhoid: Lessons from India and Pakistan"
Reflective Essay
Honors Collegium 14: Interaction of Science and Society
Advisor: Jeffrey H. Miller

Best in the Upper Division

Sohaib Baig
"Traditional Islamic Learning in Colonial India: The Madrasa through the Eyes of a Twentieth-century Islamic Reformer"
Reflective Essay
History 198 A-C: History Honors Senior Thesis
Advisor: Nile Green

Hsuan-hsiu Annie Chen
"Wind Turbines and Ghost Stories: The Effect of Infrasound on Human Auditory System"
Reflective Essay
Physiological Science 177: Neuroethology
Advisor: Peter M. Narins

Ethan Scapellati
"Protestantism and Politics in the Civil War and Postbellum Period"
Reflective Essay
History 198 A-C
Advisor: Joan Waugh

Best Research using UCLA Special Collections

Lee Jasperse
"'A plenitude of subtle matter': Reproduction, Gender, and Value in A Lover’s Complaint and Anthony and Cleopatra"
Reflective Essay
English 182B Seminar 3 (The Ahmanson Clark Library Seminar)
Advisor: Jonathan F. S. Post

Best Research using Library Resources related to Los Angeles

Stephanie Dyar
"The 1933 Dressmakers Strike: An Early Twentieth-century Example of Female Immigrant Unionism"
Reflective Essay
History 198C
Advisor: Tobias Higbie


2011 Prize Winners

Ruth Simon First Place Award in the Upper Division

Myer Alexander Rickless
"Protection of British Overseas Property: 1870-1914"  Submitted for publication
Honors Research Paper
Advisor: Albion Urdank

Ruth Simon First Place Award in the Lower Division

Ellen Watkins
"Sick with Fear: Popular Challenges to the Vaccine Controversies of the 21st Century"
Honors Collegium 14
Advisor: Jeffrey H. Miller

Judge's Discretionary Award

Lincoln H. Pitcher
"The Geography of Reelection: Incumbency Advantages, Redistricting, Compactness, and Electoral Responsiveness in the United States House of Representatives. 1901-2005"
Poli Sci 191H F2010 and Poli Sci 198 W2011
Advisor: Jeff Lewis


2010 Prize Winners

Ruth Simon First Place Award in the Upper Division

Sophia Y. Gu
"Giving Up the Ghost: The Jacobean Elizabeth in The Revenger's Tragedy and Henry VIII, or All is True"
Senior Thesis
Advisor: Gordon Kipling

Ruth Simon First Place Award in the Lower Division

Madeline Yung
"Combating Hysteria: Blacklisting in Los Angeles, California"
General Education Cluster M24: Education and Social Justice
Advisor: Zevi Gutfrend

Judge's Award

Jesse R. Erickson
"The History of the Malleus Maleficarum: A Bibliographical Study"
Senior Thesis
Advisor: Teofilo Ruiz

Honorable Mention in the Upper Division
Karen Aanensen
"A Study of Names Used in Halldór Laxness's Iceland's Bell"
Scandinavian 148: Halldór Laxness
Advisor: Kendra Willson

Honorable Mention in the Lower Division
Rachel Wiegardt-Egel
"A Fascist in the White House: Anti-Semitism and Anti-Interventionism in Philip Roth's The Plot Against America"
English 88: American Historical Novel
Advisor: Austin Graham

Special Recognition
Sam Strong
"We the Undersigned: A Basketball Team's Struggle to be Heard"
GE Cluster 60B: America in the Sixties
Advisor: Jeremy Schmidt


2009 Prize Winners

Ruth Simon First Place Award

Edgar Hermosillo Gaytan
"A Community of Shared Goods as Presented in the New Testament Book of Acts of the Apostles: Pre-industrial Urban Reality"
Directed Research History 199
Advisor: Scott Bartchy


Honorable Mention Award

Michaela Hulstyn
"The Algeria Syndrome, or 'Writing in Flight': Land, Language, and Self through the Autobiographical Lens of Hélène Cixous and Assia Djebar"
Comparative Literature 197
Advisor: Francoise Lionnet


Judges' Discretionary Award

Elisabeth Michaels
"Undergraduate Student Work in Institutional Repositories: An Analysis and Policy Recommendation for the UC eScholarship Repository"
Information Studies 199
Advisor: Christine Borgman

Certificates of Special Recognition

Maria Abesa
"Living on a Prayer: An Oral History"
Sociology 153
Advisor: Min Zhou

Nicholas Bartesch
"Swedish Industrialization and its Preconditions in Historical Perspective"
European Studies 191
Advisor: Ivan Berend

Thomas Caldwell
"The Possibility for Life and the Implications of its Discovery on Enceladus and Europa"
Honors Collegium 35
Advisor: William Newman

Allison DePasquale
"The Human Development Effects of Economic Sanctions"
Economics 199B
Advisor: Aaron Tornell

Rene Tiongquico
"Merritt(ocracy): History of Merritt College's Student Activism, 1960-78"
History 198ABC
Advisor: Scott Brown

Kara Trowell
"French Colonial Influence on the North African Jewish Identity"
History 191L
Advisor: Sarah Abrevaya Stein