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About The James O. Page Charitable Foundation

The Foundation was created as a non-profit 501-c3 to continue the leadership, legacy and life’s work of James O. Page by improving emergency medical services, fire services, public health services and public safety services while advancing these professions. We’ll accomplish our mission through a series of initiatives:

  • The James O. Page Collection at UCLA Library will preserve Jim’s rich collection of work for future generations and encourage the creation of a national EMS library. In July 2008 the Collection was officially endowed through a fund-raising event at the USS Midway historical aircraft carrier in San Diego.
  • The Foundation’s Legacy Committee will preserve Jim’s memory and tap his inspirational message through the encouragement and vetting of his name on buildings, awards, lectures and other appropriate places.
  • The James O. Page Project for Leadership Development will further the EMS and Fire professions by encouraging the development of the next generation of leaders. Now in development, the Project will be a collaborative effort with leading associations, conferences and educational institutions in EMS and fire. It will offer a structured scholarship and mentoring program to encourage and support the development of emerging leaders.

For more information, visit the James O. Page Charitable Foundation Web site , contact Keith Griffiths by email or phone 760.632.8280 x204.

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The James O. Page Charitable Foundation
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