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James O. Page Collection

An Archive and Library for the History of EMS

Jim Page, often called the father of modern EMS, had special meaning for many. He gave voice to the needs of EMTs and paramedics and championed the importance of EMS as a community asset. Jim was a prolific writer and historian, carefully keeping and tracking his thousands of speeches, articles, reports, letters and other materials.

Founding Benefactor of the James O. Page Collection

The Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library at UCLA has a wide variety of special collections, considered among the best in the country. After a careful search and determination that no other library of its kind existed, UCLA welcomed the opportunity to create the James O. Page Collection with these goals in mind:

  • Preservation of Jim's Legacy and Works - Professional archivists catalog every relevant document and protect them from deterioration, ensuring they'll be available for future generations. Individuals can visit the Library to view the documents in a safe, secure environment, or order copies of materials.
  • A National EMS Library - The Collection is intended to act as a touchstone and gathering place for the papers, recordings and works of other pioneers and leaders.
  • Online Availability - The works of Jim and others, along with interviews, videos, letters and other documents and will eventually be available online at the Collection's website. It will be a treasure trove of original scripts, speeches, articles and letters that document the history and culture of EMS.
  • Voices for Tomorrow - The Collection will gather existing and new interviews with EMS luminaries and other pioneers, ensuring their voices and stories will be saved for generations to come.

Many of the pioneers of EMS are retiring, and some, sadly, have passed on. The history and landmark works of our profession - and the voices of these leaders need to be preserved and made available to help guide future generations. There is an urgent need, and also a special opportunity, to begin this process now.

This Month’s Featured Items from the Collection

Please take a moment to browse through our website. We will regularly add digitized archival items, news of upcoming programs and exhibits, announcements of new acquisitions, and links to additional resources. We invite suggestions, corrections, and offers of archival material pertaining to Jim Page and other EMS leaders, so feel to contact us at any time.


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