SEL Vision, Values, Mission, and Goals

SEL Vision, Values, Mission, and Goals


The vision of the UCLA Science and Engineering Library is to provide our users seamless access to onsite and world-wide information services and to support the delivery of the information with a creative internal network of human and material resources.


The Science and Engineering Library is dedicated to:

  • meeting the research and information needs of our primary users, the students, faculty and staff of UCLA
  • providing efficient and user-friendly access to library services and resources
  • inviting and responding to communication from our primary users
  • valuing and developing library staff


The Science and Engineering Library upholds these values by:

  • developing, organizing, and maintaining a collection that attempts to meet the needs of our users;
  • developing and strengthening working relationships with faculty, students, and staff;
  • providing instruction that enables users to access and evaluate information resources;
  • participating in or responding quickly and creatively to the development of relevant technologies and standards;
  • fostering and maintaining cooperative and contractual agreements, as well as collegial relationships, with UCLA libraries and departments, other universities, and information providers;
  • developing opportunities for improving library environments and optimizing existing physical facilities for both users and staff;
  • promoting communication and cooperation within SEL;
  • encouraging and supporting the professional growth, individual growth, and job satisfaction of our staff members.

In addition, as one of the major science and engineering libraries in Southern California, the Science and Engineering Library provides off-campus users with access to information and services whenever possible and when it does not conflict with our primary responsibilities.


  1. Optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of library services to our users.
  2. Develop and effectively utilize two-way communication to inform and gather input from faculty as appropriate.
  3. Provide instruction, online resources and facilities for our primary users.
  4. Explore new technology and utilize as appropriate to provide user- friendly access or service and/or improve staff efficiency.
  5. Develop, manage, and maintain the SEL collection -- both virtual and real.
  6. Develop and maintain collection development policies that reflect the current research and instruction interests of our faculty and students and the current financial situation of the library.
  7. Hire, develop and retain highly skilled staff.
  8. Improve the physical environment for users and staff.
  9. Work effectively with Sciences Acquisitions and the Library Cataloging Center to acquire and provide intellectual access to new print and electronic resources.
  10. Promote the visibility of SEL to the university community with emphasis on the primary users in engineering and the physical sciences.