Individual Study Spaces

Individual Study Spaces

Individual study spaces are found throughout the library. In general, the higher one goes in the building the quieter it is, allowing visitors to pick the environment that best suits their needs. Some noteworthy areas include...

Reference Reading Room

The Reference Reading Room on the first floor has tables with built-in power outlets and a number of lounge chairs around the perimeter. The area near the front of the room, where the reference desk and copy room are located, is more active than the quieter seats near the back.


Lounge areas at either end of the "street" on the first floor provide comfortable seating immediately adjacent to the laptop lending service and the cafe.

Study Commons

Like the Reading Room, the Study Commons on the A-level has a mix of tables (with outlets) and lounge seating. It also contains space and equipment for using the maps, microforms, and unbound journals located in the room.

Study Carrels

The windows on floors two through five are lined with hundreds of individual study carrels, with more scattered throughout the book stacks.

Faculty Carrels

A limited number of faculty carrels are available on the third through fifth floors. Carrels are assigned to UCLA faculty members for specific research projects that require library facilities for uninterrupted study or writing. Application forms are available at the circulation desk on the first floor.