Copying and Printing
Copying and Printing

Self-Service Copying Fees and Rates

UCLA libraries use the UCLA BruinCard system for self-service copying and printing services. Transfer to or use of a UCLA BruinCard by a non-UCLA user constitutes a violation of UCLA Library policies and regulations; unauthorized useĀ of a UCLA BruinCard or Visitor BruinCard may result in revocation of UCLA Library privileges and confiscation of the card.

Self-Service Copying and Printing Prices (including sales tax)
Material type UCLA BruinCard Visitor BruinCard
Regular photocopying $0.09/exposure $0.16/exposure
Microform copying $0.15/exposure $0.27/exposure
Printing $0.11/page $0.11/page
available in the Arts and Research Library
$0.16/exposure $0.16/exposure
Visitor BruinCard purchase Not applicable $0.58/card