Renew Your Books

Renewals Using the Catalog

Go to the Library Catalog.

Click on the My Account/Renew Books link.

On the next screen, UCLA students, faculty, and staff may log in with their UCLA Logon ID; all others log in with their library card number and last name.  For a faculty authorized proxy account, log in with the library account number on the proxy card and the last name of the faculty member.  If you don't know the proxy account number, please call Access Services at 310-825-4732.

Renewing items once you are logged into your account

A summary of your current borrowing record will appear.  To renew selected items, click the box next to each; a check mark will appear. Then click the Renew Items button; the new due date(s) will appear in the Renewal Status column.  To renew all items, select Renew all items from the menu, then click the Renew Items button; the new due date(s) will appear in the Renewal Status column.

The message “Not Renewed” may appear next to an item in the “Renewal Status” column.  This item may have been recalled or be non-renewable for some other reason, including any renewal limits that may apply, and must be returned by its due date.  For more information check with staff at the circulation desk in any campus library.

When you finish, click on the Exit/Logout button below the banner or in the footer. This will close the browser and prevent other users from viewing your search history and account information.

What is my library account number?

For most users your BruinCard number is your library account number. Enter the nine digits that appear on the front of the card plus the tenth digit that appears on the back right-hand side of the card. Enter all ten digits without any spaces between them.

For other users the barcode on your library card is your library account number. Enter the initial letter and all digits without any spaces between.