Giving to the Library

Library Associates - Powell Society

These individuals made cumulative discretionary gifts of $1,000 or greater in 2011-12.


Marianne H. and Abdelmonem A. Afifi
Patti and Harlan Amstutz
Kurt R. and Marion V. Anker
Jean L. Aroeste
Dana M. Baldwin
Cecile C. Bartman
Jeffrey W. Baus
Ronda and Stanley Breitbard
David R. and Marlene Capell
A. Josephine Carmen
Donald T. and Britt M. Chadwick
Fereshteh M. Diba
William P. and Ann Edwards
Caroline B. Erickson
Sharon E. Farb
William and Patricia Flumenbaum
David M. and Carol M. Hamilton
Catherine B. Hawkins
Craig A. Houghton
Wendell E. Jeffrey and Bernice M. Wenzel
Kenneth Karmiole
Hollis G. Lenderking
Robin B. Leviton
June E. and David Lewin
Jane and Richard A. Lopatt
David Lowe
Sonia J. Luna
Steven Ly
Janet E. Marott
Kay Mason
John E. Matthews
David R. McEwen
Jeffrey B. McKeever
Barry M. Meyer and Wendy B. Smith
Janet and Henry Minami
Virginia L. Miner
Ali R. and Giselle C. Namazie
Karen Orren and Stephen D. Werner
Kirk A. Pasich
Deborah Perlmutter*
Benjamin L. and Rue C. Pine
Norman J. and Armena B.* Powell
Frederick A. Prinz
Marcie H. Rothman
Marvin Rubinstein
Ruth M. and David W. Sabean
Ruth M. Simon
Anne-Marie and Alex Spataru
Charles W. Steinmetz
William A.* and Mary Lou Steinmetz
Robert E. and Patsy Sung
Roger P. and Lynn Tomalas
Walter W. von Gremp Jr.
April A. Wakeman
Lyle N. and Jacqueline Whited
Robert S. and Marion L. Wilson