Giving to the Library

Memorial Gifts

These individuals, corporations, and foundations made gifts of $50 and greater to perpetuate the memory and works of their relatives, friends, or colleagues.

In memory of Teri G. Aaron
Roy H. Aaron
Sharla P. Boehm and Barry W. Boehm

In memory of Ralph Austin
Elizabeth Austin

In memory of Walter J. Barlow
California Community Foundation W. J. Barlow Fund

In memory of Douglas M. Beamish, Jr.
Joseph H. and Julie K. Kwan
Phyllis S. Mirsky

In memory of Marjorie A. Bedell
Patricia P. Amstutz and Harlan C. Amstutz

In memory of Ruth B. Berry
Le Roy Berry

In memory of Henry J. Bruman
Anne M. Bodenheimer

In memory of Philip M. Burnett
James N. and Katie B. Loss

In memory of Man-Hing Y. Chen
Mary A. Rudolph
Kin T. Wu and Maxine Yue

In memory of Elise Danielson
Laura E. Danielson

In memory of James G. Davis
Norah E. Jones

In memory of Ralph Edwards
Ralph Edwards Productions Inc.

In memory of Anna M. Escobedo
Lisa M. Escobedo

In memory of Anne M. Harter
Craig E. Amshel
Steven L. and Sue J. Brown
Alison Bunting and Wade A. Bunting
Jeanne R. Gillette
Ronald and Linda Phillips
Wendy W. Williams

In memory of Harold A. Haytin
Lois Haytin

In memory of Dexter H. Howard
Lois F. Howard

In memory of John B. Jackson, Jr.
James B. and Tami Jackson

In memory of Carol D. Lanham
Florence H. Ridley
Marion W. Spear

In memory of Bessie Marr
Jeffrey L. Marr
Warren Marr

In memory of Olivette Marr
Jeffrey L. Marr
Warren Marr

In memory of Robert H. Mason
Kay Mason

In memory of Dini Ostrov
Elizabeth S. Stacey

In memory of Lt. Colonel James D. Pierce
Carol J. Korb

In memory of Ronald K. Rose
Kenneth M. Rose

In memory of Raymond C. Rothman
Raymond C. Rothman
Rita C. Rothman

In memory of Richard C. Rudolph
Mary A. Rudolph

In memory of Geraldine Sherman
Sara Sherman Levine and Donn Levine
Florence H. Ridley
Cubby Sherman
Frederic H. Sherman
Amy Sherman Smith and Robert Simon
Pamela J. Weinberger

In memory of Robert S. Stein
Patricia P. Amstutz and Harlan C. Amstutz

In memory of Harold L. Thompson and Sara C. Thompson
California Community Fdn Sara & Harold Lincoln Thompson Fund

In memory of Corine Tyler Walker
Bruce M. Tyler

In memory of Marie B. Waters
Elone L. Miller