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Appropriate Use of Licensed Electronic Resources

Most use of digital products including electronic journals, databases, and proprietary Web sites is governed by federal copyright law, state contract law, or licensing agreements.  Licensing agreements are generally more restrictive than federal copyright law regarding downloading and fair use. Vendors and publishers of electronic resources have the technological means to monitor, count, control, and deny access if they suspect inappropriate use. 

Due to licensing restrictions, remote access to licensed electronic resources is limited to students, faculty, and staff at UCLA. 

It is the responsibility of each user to ensure that his or her use of these products is for non-commercial purposes only. In general, authorized users may access such products for noncommercial educational, scholarly, and research purposes.

Prohibited actions generally include:

  • Systematic downloading;
  • Posting copyrighted materials on publicly accessible Web sites;
  • Use of “robots,” “spiders,” “crawlers,” or other software designed to automatically and systematically copy and download licensed resources;
  • Commercial use.

Such activities jeopardize the entire UCLA community’s continued access to and use of any licensed electronic resources. Web activity may be monitored by vendors and publishers, and violation of the licensing agreement could result in cancellation of the service. 

Please contact the Scholarly Communication and Licensing Librarian with any questions about appropriate use of licensed resources.