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The following courses were recently taught and will be offered again; check the schedule of classes each quarter. Faculty can contact subject specialist librarians to assist with Fiat Lux classes.

Fiat Lux: Artists' Books in the UCLA Library and Beyond (one unit)

This course provides students with an introduction to artists’ books at UCLA, mainly through the examination of holdings in UCLA Library Special Collections and the Clark Library. Through an examination of these materials, students are introduced to the genre of artists’ books and gain a sense of the richness of the UCLA's collections in this area, particularly with regard to book artists active in Los Angeles and California. Student discussion is encouraged throughout the course, mainly through hands-on encounters with the artists’ books presented in class. Students have the opportunity to create an artist's book as part of their class work.

HC 101-I:  Research Information Literacy (two units)

Through this course, students develop a broader and deeper understanding of information access and retrieval within the UCLA Library by utilizing subject specialists and subject-specific print and electronic collections within the disciplines of the social and behavioral sciences.  In particular, this course will assist students who plan to be involved with a major research project or intend to undertake an honors thesis or comprehensive 199 project. P/NP only

Fiat Lux: How to Stop Just Googling...and Find the Really Good Stuff! (one unit)

With so many search results in Google for any topic, important questions arise, such as are these items accurate, complete, authoritative, and up to date? What is their purpose and point of view? Who is the intended audience? General web search tools like Google find free sites in the visible web, some useful, many not. Hiding in the invisible web are important databases like PsycINFO, Modern Language Association Bibliography, and PubMed, listing scholarly research materials that may support or refute what students find through general web search tools. This course will help students save time, prepare better papers, and become more powerful information researchers. They will learn researching secrets, tips, and tricks to identify, locate, evaluate, and use quality research materials effectively and responsibly. Supports GE Cluster social sciences- and humanities-oriented research papers; freshmen only

English Composition 123: Information Literacy and Research Skills (one unit)

This course is designed to help students become information literate so that they know how to identify, locate, critically evaluate, and use print and electronic information effectively and ethically. It is closely interwoven with Writing Programs courses that have information/research-related assignments. P/NP or letter grading; preparation: satisfaction of Writing I requirement